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Cup Of Squirrel Stamp #2 by LittleWolfGirl69 Anime Freak Stamp by auniquebaka i'm in love with someone.. by discorave I support writing English by FragileReveries I Love The Rain by Wearwolfaa Wishful Thinking by whispwill people allergy stamp - clean by tirsden Ugly Quote Stamp by CureStarStamps Yaoi Stamp by Clockwerk-chan Ugly barnacle stamp by ARTic-Weather Late... by prosaix stamp - patrick and mayonnaise by betsyamparan Do It For The Vine Stamp by Ragged-Insomnia

the greatest stamp unearthed. by ZOMBIES-GO-RAWR I imagine with music Stamp by tastelessfate

FB Zodiac: Snake by KTstamps

Homestuck Stamp: Smilies by Kitsumon Homestuck Stamp1 by Notgonnadie THIS IS FUCKING STUPID by Dametora Wayward Vagabond Stamp by rynald Bonus Homestamp: Hella Jeff by Kopaka13 Stamp: Tavros by Michiru-Mew Sylph of Time by YukinoTenshi23 Derse Dreamer by YukinoTenshi23 EridanxSollux Kismesis Stamp by Lokatah Flushed Gamzee Tavros by YukinoTenshi23 Stamp: Vriska Tavros by Queen-of-Choice Jadesprite Stamp by vomitcunt

.:Homestuck:. JohnKat Stamp by Gasai-Yuki13 Flushed Karkat John by YukinoTenshi23 Stamp: JohnKat by Queen-of-Choice John X Karkat Stamp by vomitcunt Johnkat by KK-Kiran
Johnkat will always be my OTP



Full Body w/ night background
And Dark Thoughts of Devious Plans by Ragged-Insomnia
And I'm Wasting Away by Ragged-Insomnia
I'm in Love With a Fairy Tale by Ragged-Insomnia

A moorland scene with stars and the moon in the background, with a cat in the foreground


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Wow, two memes in one day

Journal Entry: Sun Apr 20, 2014, 7:27 PM

I have like no priorities. *hops on meme bandwagon*
I figured that I've done nothing, today, so bluh.
I'm procrastinating doing an essay, so work with me, people.
Anyway, I've already embarrassed myself enough on this website.
So yeah.

[ ] Abasiophilia: sexual attraction to people who are lame or crippled and/or who use leg braces or other orthopaedic appliances 

[x] Acousticophilia: sexual arousal from certain sounds (I blame Homestuck.)

[ ] Agalmatophilia: sexual attraction to statues or mannequins or immobility

[/] Algolagnia: sexual pleasure from pain

[ ] Amaurophilia: sexual arousal by a partner whom one is unable to see due to artificial means, such as being blindfolded or having sex in total darkness.

[ ] Acrotomophilia and apotemnophilia: sexual attraction to amputation or amputees 

[ ] Andromimetophilia (also gynemimetophilia): sexual attraction towards women dressed as men or who have had a sex change operation.

[ ] Aquaphilia: arousal from water and/or in watery environments, including bathtubs and swimming pools.

[ ] Aretifism: sexual attraction to people who are without footwear, in contrast to retifism.

[ ] Autogynephilia: love of oneself as a woman.

[ ] Autoassassinophilia: sexual arousal from fantasizing about or staging one's own murder. (Oh my gog, is this an actual thing?)  

[ ] Biastophilia: sexual arousal from assault and rape 

[ ] Chronophilia: sexual attraction to a partner of the same chronological age, but whose sexuoerotic age is discordant with that chronological age. ('m so confused.)

[ ] Coprophilia: sexual attraction to (or pleasure from) feces. It's strictly related to Fecophilia, sexual arousal from defacation or watching a partner defecate, particularly on oneself. 

[ ] Covert incestiphilia: arousal from non-contact sexual behavior with a child.

[ ] Dacryphilia: sexual pleasure in eliciting tears from others or oneself.

[ ] Dendrophilia: sexual attraction to trees and other large plants.

[ ] Emetophilia (also vomerophilia): sexual attraction to vomiting.

[ ] Ephebophilia (also hebephilia): sexual attraction towards adolescents.

[ ] Erotic asphyxia: sexual attraction from asphyxia (also called "breath control play" or "strangulation"), including autoerotic asphyxiation.

[ ] Erotic lactation (also galactophilia or lactophilia): sexual attraction to human milk or lactating women.

[ ] Exhibitionism (also autagonistophilia or peodeiktophilia): sexual arousal by engaging in sexual behavior in view of third parties (also includes the recurrent urge or behavior to expose one's genitals to an unsuspecting person).

[ ] Food play: sexual arousal from food.

[ ] Formicophilia: sexual attraction to smaller animals, insects, etc. crawling on parts of the body.

[ ] Forniphilia: sexual objectification in which a person's body is incorporated into a piece of furniture.

[ ] Frotteurism: sexual arousal from the recurrent urge or behavior of touching or rubbing against a non-consenting person.

[ ] Gerontophilia: sexual attraction towards the elderly.

[ ] Homeovestism: sexual arousal by wearing the clothing of one's own gender.

[x] Human animal roleplay: sexual arousal by having oneself or a partner taking on the role of real or imaginary animal. (thanks homestuck)

[/] Hybristophilia: sexual arousal to people who have committed crimes, in particular cruel or outrageous crimes. 

[ ] Incestophilia: sexual attraction to a member of one's own family.

[ ] Katoptronophilia: sexual arousal from having sex in front of mirrors.

[ ] Kleptophilia: sexual arousal from stealing things.

[ ] Klismaphilia: sexual pleasure from enemas.

[ ] Lust murder (also homicidophilia or erotophonophilia): sexual arousal from committing (or trying to commit) murder. It also appear to be strictly related with others similar paraphilias like sexual sadism, necrophilia, vorarephilia and Blood fetish.

[ ] Macrophilia: sexual attraction to giants or giant body parts (such as breasts and genitalia)—the opposite of microphilia.

[ ] Masochism: the recurrent urge or behavior of wanting to be humiliated, beaten, bound, or otherwise made to suffer.

[ ] Microphilia: sexual attraction to miniature people or miniature body parts—the opposite of macrophilia.

[ ] Modzeleskphilia: sexual attraction to food. Namely cheese, nachos, and red wines.

[ ] Mysophilia: sexual attraction to soiled, dirty, foul or decaying materials.

[/] Narratophilia: sexual arousal in the use of dirty or obscene words to a partner.

[ ] Necrophilia: sexual attraction to corpses. It includes necrosadism, sexual gratification derived by mutilating and dismembering corpses.

[ ] Odaxelagnia: sexual arousal associated with biting or being bitten.

[ ] Olfactophilia: sexual stimulus with smells or odors.

[ ] Paraphilic infantilism: sexual pleasure from dressing, acting, or being treated as a baby.

[ ] Parthenophilia: sexual attraction to virgins.

[ ] Pedophilia: sexual attraction to prepubescent children. It includes Nepiophilia (also infantophilia), sexual attraction to children three years old or younger.

[ ] Pictophilia: sexual attraction to pictorial pornography or erotic art.

[ ] Plushophilia: sexual attraction to stuffed animals and/or people dressed in animal costumes.

[ ] Pyrophilia: sexual arousal through watching, setting, hearing, talking or fantasizing about fire.

[x] Racial fetish: attraction to someone of a different colour. (I think that pretty much everyone in the Homestuck fandom suffers from this.)

[ ] Sadism: deriving pleasure, or in some cases sexual arousal from giving pain.

[ ] Salirophila: sexual arousal by soiling (only the appearance of) the object of one's desired partner.

[x] Schediaphilia: sexual attraction to cartoon characters. (This is a requirement for otakus.)

[ ] Sitophilia: sexual arousal by involving food in sex.

[ ] Somnophilia: sexual arousal from sleeping or unconscious people. It appears to be related to necrophilia.

[ ] Sthenolagnia: sexual arousal from the demonstration of strength or muscles.

[ ] Telephone scatologia: being sexually aroused by making obscene phone calls to strangers.

[ ] Teratophilia: sexual attraction to deformed or monstrous people.

[ ] Transvestic fetishism: sexual arousal from the wearing of clothes typically associated with the opposite gender to the wearer.

[ ] Trichophilia: sexual arousal from hair.

[ ] Troilism: sharing a sexual partner with another person while looking on.

[ ] Urolagnia: sexual attraction to urine, including urinating in public, urinating on others, and being urinated on by others; it includes Urophagia: sexual attraction to drinking urine or watching others drink urine.

[ ] Vorarephilia (also gynophagia): sexual attraction at the thought of being eaten by or eating another person or creature. It includes endosomataphillia—a sexual fetish of being within someone (a sub-genre is partial unbirthing—a sexual attraction to inserting an adult head into a vagina).

[ ] Voyeurism: sexual arousal through secretly watching others having sex (also includes scoptophilia—the recurrent urge or behavior to observe an unsuspecting person who is naked, disrobing or engaging in sexual activities.

[ ] Xenophilia: sexual attraction to foreigners.

[ ] Zelophilia: sexual arousal from jealousy.

[ ] Zoophilia: sexual attraction to animals.

[ ] Zoosadism: sexual gratification derived from causing pain and suffering to animals. Necrozoophilia (also necrobestiality) strictly applies to killing animals.

[ ] Anesthesia fetishism: sexual fetish for anesthesia.

[/] Blood fetishism (also haematophilia): sexual fetish for blood (also known as vampire fetish, hematolagnia and haematophilia), and is an anthropological term used to describe the belief within a society or culture that blood in itself (as a material substance) possesses powerful and magical properties.

[/] Breast fetishism

[ ] Breast expansion fetishism

[ ] Crush fetish: a paraphilia which primarily consists of the desire to see others (generally a desirable potential partner) crush small creatures such as insects, mammals and reptiles.

[ ] Diaper fetishism

[ ] Doll fetish

[ ] Fat fetishism (also lipophilia)

[ ] Foot fetishism (podophilia)

[ ] Garment fetishism: sexual fetish that revolves around a fixation upon a particular article or type of clothing, a collection of garments that appear as part of a fashion or uniform, or a person dressed in such a garment.

[ ] Hand fetishism

[ ] Hip fetishism

[ ] Hypnofetishism: sexual fetish for hypnosis and similar forms of mental persuasion, therapy or mind control.

[ ] Impregnation fetish

[ ] Medical fetishism

[ ] Navel fetishism

[ ] Nose fetishism (also nasophilia)

[ ] Panty fetishism

[ ] Pregnancy fetishism

[ ] Robot fetishism

[ ] Shoe fetishism

[ ] Silk/Satin fetishism

[ ] Smoking fetishism (Capnolagnia)

[ ] Spandex fetishism

[ ] Tickling fetishism (also acarophilia)

[ ] Total enclosure fetishism: sexual fetishism whereby a person becomes aroused when having entire body enclosed in a certain way, hence the name.

[ ] Transformation fetish

[ ] Wet and messy fetishism: sexual arousal by having substances deliberately and generously applied to the naked skin, or to the clothes people are wearing.

I would be normal if it wasn't for Homestuck...
The only reason I'm doing this is because I have no life. 

B4CKGROUND P1CTUR3 emmyyyyyyy
OV3R4LL SK1N KurusuSexual.
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