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I have no life

Journal Entry: Fri Mar 28, 2014, 9:19 PM

Creative title is creative.
Oh, look its midnight and I'm writing a journal.
So, for anyone who doesn't know, I recently got the App: "Pets Next Door," and I kind of sold my soul. If any of my few remaining watchers has an account, go heart Sylph()of()Time's pets.
Since I'm a boring person, I will do a meme. The original is by :iconurnam-bot:

Section 1:
[/] Take life easy.
[ ] Challenges are exciting.
[/] Bending the rules is often necessary.
[ ] Quick changes in plans are frequent when you're in charge.
[ ] You're not scared about making a fool of yourself.
[/] You are very aware of others' feelings.
[ ] You never worry about the future.
[x] You think it's important to find others' approval.
[ ] Theoretical discussions bore you.
[ ] You're prone to overindulging.
Total for section 1: 2.5

Section 2:
[ ] Order is key.
[/] Your prefer your friends to be passive.
[ ] You're prone to being a stoic.
[/] People tend to listen to you. (Depends on the situation.)
[x] You are often extremely judgmental of others without even knowing it.
[ ] It is important to keep to tradition.
[x] It is difficult for you to tell others how you feel about them.
[ ] You have decided on a set course for your life.
[ ] Handling change can be a problem for you.
[x] You only socialize when it's important.
Total for section 2: 4

Section 3:
[x] You have a way with words. (Someone at school said I speak like a 1800th century poet because I had a more advanced vocabulary than them.)
[ ] You have a history of being very persuasive.
[ ] You only exercise your creativity when you have to.
[x] You're practical.
[/] You're always up for a little excitement.
[ ] Reaching your goals and finishing projects are important things for you.
[/] You know what to do to get what you want.
[/] You've stepped on people before to get where you want.
[ ] It's only the surface that counts.
[ ] You handle change well.
Total for section 3: 3.5

Section 4:
[/] Stick to the plan.
[ ] Your morals and standards are what keeps you sane.
[/] New experiences might be dangerous.
[ ] You are highly negotiable.
[ ] A promise is a promise.
[ ] You may not be the one performing, but you're the one pulling the strings.
[/] If you have a goal in mind, you're not afraid to get your hands dirty.
[ ] Responsibility is more important than having fun.(People born under the Taurus star sign are said to procrastinate a lot. I had a book report for two months, and only started it two days before it was due.) 
[x] You tend to be cautious...
[/] ...But you know risk-taking is important for success.
Total for section 4: 3

Section 5:
[/] You see the beauty in things others might not pick up.
[/] Stopping to think isn't one of your strong suits.
[x] Facing the facts can be difficult for you.
[/] Decision-making is exhausting and taxing.
[/] You tend to be mildly forgetful.
[x] You value art and its impact on society.
[x] You just like doing your own thing.
[ ] Discovery is always rewarding.
[ ] You love including others in the group.
[x] Sometimes you just know the right thing to do.
Total for section 5: 6

Section 6:
[ ] You enjoy comparing yourself to others.
[ ] Sometimes you are so overwhelmed with the details you can't see the real problem.
[ ] You are often concerned with your importance.
[x] You stress about your social life.
[ ] Other people's feelings don't matter to you.
[ ] If it benefits you, then you're up for it.
[ ] You have difficulty expressing yourself.
[x] Laziness is extremely appealing.
[x] You lack motivation.
[ ] You tend to be uncooperative.
Total for section 6: 3


If you scored the highest for:

Section 1: You are most like Static! You are highly sociable and friendly. You enjoy having flocks of friends around you and empathize with others effortlessly. You can always find some way to relate to any person, which makes you extremely likable. Though you enjoy joking around and having a good time, you often lose track of things and have a short attention span.

Section 2: You are most like Blitz! Usually calm and collected, you are always ready to lead the group through any situation. Though your pessimistic attitude might turn off other people, you know your decisions are always right. You always learn from the past, and hold important life lessons close. You detest changing plans based on emotions or feelings.

Section 3: You are most like Radon! You're a go-getter. When you have an idea, you aren't afraid to go out on a tangent, searching for other possible options for whatever situation you might be in. You always have a plan, and they always live up to their potential. The rules are simple, though: If it doesn't benefit you, it's useless.

Section 4: You are most like Gerald! You have an optimistic viewpoint on the world and you know that with careful planning and preparation you can make it anywhere. Your morals are very important to you, and you always keep to your word. You don't usually like to be in the spotlight, however, so other people might not get to see the treasure behind the curtain.

Section 5: You are most like Radium! Fun-loving and appreciative of the world around you, your natural curiosity drives you forward to live in the moment, even if you aren't doing what you should be... You listen to your intuition to guide you through whatever you really want, even if you have just discovered something brand new.

Section 6: You are most like Ez! Even though you are often concerned with your own problems, you know how to manipulate your way to get what you deserve. Other people might even like to hang around you, because you probably spend a lot of time in front of  a mirror, perfecting your outward image. Others might find you attractive because you're never afraid to show other people your best qualities.

Now watch as I fangirl over getting my favorite character as the result. :flail: 
Anyway, I'm working on the second part for my Dave story, I just need motivation. MOTIVATE ME, MY PEOPLE.
I just figure out why I have no friends. Good night.
Or morning...

B4CKGROUND P1CTUR3 emmyyyyyyy
OV3R4LL SK1N KurusuSexual.


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I have a chatroom now
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Ragged-Insomnia Dec 22, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hey, have you heard of "Namco High?" It may or may not be consuming my life by trying to seduce Terezi...
Emrenn Dec 23, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
i have know idea what that is
Ragged-Insomnia Dec 24, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
it is a bootiful dating game about people 
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